Trans People Are Loved campaign assets

Proud to be the designer for the #TransPeopleAreLoved campaign.

This is a call to action to trans allies around the world. We invite you join the #TransPeopleAreLoved global trans solidarity campaign.

With so much negativity and anti-trans rhetoric circulating in the media and online we are asking you to help us “Make Love the Loudest Voice” by using the hashtag #TransPeopleAreLoved and sending virtual messages of love and solidarity to the transgender community.

There’s a lot of hate directed towards the trans community. There was a 56% increase in anti-trans hate crime recorded last year in England & Wales. (Gov.UK, 2022). 88% of young trans people in the UK have had suicidal thoughts. 9 in 10 is a staggeringly high number of young people considering suicide. (Just Like Us, 2023) Anti-trans bills are sweeping across USA in all but four States. Attempts are being made to exclude transgender people from sex/gender based discrimination protections in the England and Wales (QueerAF). The UK government is seeking to introduce guidelines forcing England’s school to out trans children to their parents or caregivers, banning them access to gendered spaces, and legalising misgendering.

On average transgender people make up a mere 1% of the population. They cannot fight hate alone. We are stronger together and we will deliver a simple and powerful message of love and solidarity with transgender people worldwide.

Our trans and non-binary youth are living in a world where they are exposed to so much anti-trans hate. The platforming of anti-trans media is directly fuelling transphobic discrimination. It is simply not acceptable that an already vulnerable group of people have to live in fear of harassment, bulling, violence and even death for simply trying to be themselves. The murder of 16-year-old trans girl Brianna Ghey in February should have been a wake-up call for us all. Let’s show trans people they are loved.

Write notes, make art, share videos, share music. Whatever you do, do it with love. Let’s make this hashtag viral and show our trans kids they can grow up loved!

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