CHRIS BIRCH: A Schoolboy in the West Indies Before and During the Second World War

Memoir of a school boy who grew up to be a 92-year-old man who has had an unusually varied and interesting life: witnessing the fighting in Budapest in 1956, meeting Princess Diana several times, having his knees admired by her (‘Nice knees’), walking with four others representing London Lighthouse and representatives of other charities with which Diana was associated, in her funeral procession behind her coffin with the royal princes and Earl Spencer, being involved in the early years of the HIV and Covid-19 pandemics, working at London Lighthouse and the Terrence Higgins Trust for several years, putting up a memorial in Westminster Abbey and working there for 20 years, serving as a governor at Chelsea & Westminster hospital and having a close friend hang himself.

Cover design and typesetting by Piranha.